infrared-ID a sub-division of Reshet-Graf LTD dedicated to the development and manufacturing of infrared ID solutions for night vision, SWIR, and thermal devices.

Specialize in passive combat IFF products for personal and vehicles.

Lead manufacturer of passive thermal targets for zeroing and training.


Production from raw to finished product.

Combat proven solutions in use by European, US, Israeli and other defense forces worldwide.


Among our products:

  • IR patches for military and Law-enforcement
  • IR and Thermal combat ID Vehicle markers, V markers, TIP -Thermal ID panels
  • Covert Thermal ID markers
  • Passive Thermal Targets - Zeroing, Figures, Vehicles


Solution at a glance:

Combat Identification solutions for NVG, thermal and SWIR devices, preventing friendly fire while enhancing tactical communication during nighttime operations.

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