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We manufacture name plates, metallic nameplates, custom labels, name plate tag, custom name plates, equipment nameplates, and industrial name plates.

The plates are manufactured by several techniques: metalphoto, anodized aluminum, screen printing and more.

The name plates are characterized by an excellent resistance to: abrasion, extreme weather and environments, oils, acids, fuels, solvents, chloride, salt spray and high temperatures.

The nameplates can be supplied with 3M's strong adhesive tape on the back and can be pressed cut to any required shape and size.
Name plates can have holes and changing serial numbers, Bar-code and Data matrix 2d barcode.

The entire production process is quality controlled by ISO-9001-2008 standards. Our wide range of plates are being used by many clients: military industries, manufacturers, better-place charging spots over the world and many more.

The metal labels can be shipped to any location worldwide by EMS or FedEx for more information contact our international sales department:

Internationl sales

Oron Ohayon: +972-4-9821101


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  • Name plates
  • Equipment name plates
  • Metalphoto
  • Anodize
  • UID- Tag
  • Bar-code
  • Data matrix
  • Aluminum
  • Abrasion, oil and chemical resistant
  • Adhesive backing
  • Serial numbers
  • World wide supply
  • Distributors wanted
Reshet Graf Ltd. Industrial zone north Nahariya Israel Tel : + 972-4-9821101 Fax + 972-4-9823603 International Sales - Oron Ohayon:

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